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As in the offline world of dating, the rules of online dating are different for men and for women.  Even as our culture moves away from gendered dating roles, there are still certain expectations that men and women have for each other, and these rules aren’t checked at the door when the relationship starts online.  Meet Your Match Online understands these nuances and is positioned to help our female clients achieve success online by avoiding common mistakes many women make.

Here are some common mistakes women often make when dating online:

  • Choosing the wrong primary profile picture.  Perhaps the most important aspect of a woman’s profile – as far as getting noticed and clicked on – is choosing the right primary profile picture.  Men are visual beings, and will likely skip right over your profile entirely if they are not attracted to your profile picture.
  • Choosing the wrong collateral pictures.  Not understanding what types of pictures are most attractive to men (e.g. it is often surprising to women, but a photo of you surrounded by other men is attractive to men.  They like to see that other men also find you desirable or fun to be around).
  • Being too sexually suggestive.  This item specifically relates to our services of helping people find lasting relationships – not hookups.  Although you may get a lot of feedback from a sexually suggestive photo or profile, you won’t get the RIGHT feedback.  Having men flood your inbox with emails may make you feel good in the short term, but it will have the negative effect of making it much harder to spot the right man when he comes along.
  • Being aloof.  Many sites allow an initial contact that is in a form other than a free-write email, such as a “wink” or “nudge.”  Although many women prefer to be pursued, being the one to make the first initial contact (such as a wink) is not a bad idea.  In fact, you may not be showing up in his search results, so it may be the only way he ends up knowing you exist.  That said, he should be the one to write back… it puts him back in being in the role of the pursuer.  If he is attempting to strike up a conversation, give him the respect of being prompt with your responses – even if it’s to let him know you’re not interested.
  • Failing to go on a date.  Men are learning about online dating too, and it’s okay to help them along.  When you’re comfortable, provide your phone number and have at least one phone conversation before you go out.  You can learn a lot from this call, and it gives him the opportunity to ask you out over the phone.  If you get the feeling you have no interest in actually meeting the person, then end it.  If you don’t even want to see him, you’re probably not headed toward a successful relationship.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as online dating issues go.  Meet Your Match Online is ready and able to help get you started down the road to success.

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  • “Kathy” (60-something), Seattle

    ”Thank you for your photography, not only for taking the pictures but also, for having a heart for getting the best possible… The essay section sounds great! It sounds confident and spirited! You are a great writer! I love your screen name [ideas and suggestions]. Thank you so much for encouraging me in this! You have such wisdom and insight around this whole process and it is such a gift to people who might need a boost in the whole dating thing...Your excitement and confidence in the process are truly contagious."
  • Wendy (43), Sumner

    "Laura has been invaluable to me in the dating process... I have been using her consultation services for over a year now, and am thrilled with the results. Her results speak for themselves... I am finally with an amazing man who treats me like a queen!"
  • Anna (29), Seattle

    "I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent working with me on my profile! It really captures who I am. I love the pictures we took and the advice you gave me about choosing the right photos... I really value your post-date guidance, too, about which ones to keep and which ones to let go. Thank you for helping prepare me for success!"
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