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We understand that the needs of each client are unique, and we will work with you to provide the right services to meet your personal situation. Let us create a personalized package just for you.

Initial Consultation

We recommend that each client begin our process with a 30-60 minute consultation.  In this meeting, which can be conducted in person or over the phone, we will get to know you and who you are looking for.  This meeting is essential to help us understand how to best serve you.  From this initial consultation we are usually able to put a recommended plan together of the most essential a la carte services discussed below, or of a package of services, so that you can achieve success as quickly as possible.

See our A La Carte Pricing or Packaged Deals to book now.

Who Is Right For Me?

We highly recommend this approximately 2-hour consultation for all of our clients.  We find that our clients have much higher rates of success meeting their match when they have gone through this process of determination of the qualities and characteristics that they most desire in another person.  At the end of this session you will leave with a clear picture of exactly who you are looking for; this clear vision sets the path upon which you will walk the rest of your journey, and will serve as the foundation for all of the steps to follow.

See our A La Carte Pricing or Packaged Deals to book now.

First Impression Review

Does your profile need an update?  Exactly how does your profile come across to a potential date?  If you want to know what impression your giving off with your online dating profile, we’ll tell you!  And we’ll also provide detailed suggestions of what you may want to change to attract exactly the right person for you.

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Profile Creation/Overhaul

This service is tailored to where each client is in the dating process.  We recommend taking the “Who Is Right For Me?” consultation before preparing a new profile or overhauling/editing your existing profile.

Choosing a Site/Service.  For our clients who are new to online dating, we will discuss the differences among the different dating sites, the pros and cons of each, and which one (or ones) is right for such client.  For our more seasoned online daters, we will discuss whether a different (or additional) dating site would be better for his or her purposes.

Creating/Editing Your Profile.  Additional time will be spent creating (or reviewing) profiles for these sites.  We’ll review and revise any free-write portions of your profile, help you to select the best picture to highlight yourself, choose a catchy username and opening line, provide content-specific information for men and women, and more!

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Although we address the issue of photograph selection in our “Profile Review” consultation, we find that many clients simply do not have pictures of the type needed for their profiles.  If that is the case, we offer a photography session customized to showcase who you are.  We discuss our objectives in advance with clients (e.g. capturing a great headshot, candid shots of you enjoying your hobbies and extra-curriculars) and set a time to meet and get some photos for you.  The picture you took of yourself four years ago in the bathroom mirror just isn’t going to cut it anymore…

See our A La Carte Pricing or Packaged Deals to book now.

Targeted Searching & Search Reports

This service saves our clients (on average) 20 hours per month!

Many of our clients are too tired of sitting at a computer all day at work, too frustrated with poor results, or are just too plain busy to put in the time necessary search for their right match.  We can do the “leg work” for you! After taking the time to get to know you and who you are looking for we’ll have a very clear picture of just who you’re trying to meet.

We will search through the dating services you like to use to find good matches for you and provide these to you in an organized fashion on a weekly or monthly basis (your choice).  Although we cannot guarantee how many well-suited matches are out there for any given client, we aim for 4-6 well matched prospects in our weekly reports and 10-15 in our monthly reports.

This services go far beyond the way that computers match you to other online daters.  We have MET you and we KNOW you, beyond your height, weight, age, and what book you last read.  We understand what makes you unique and what will be attractive to you on a personal level.  We apply this knowledge to save you time and hassle of sorting through hundreds of people who you match with on paper, but who would be terrible for you on an actual date.

Both weekly and monthly reports will provide the following:

  • The username and photo of each prospect we select for you;
  • A summary of the just details you want to know about the person (e.g. age, height, body type, religion, politics, etc.);
  • SPECIFIC DETAILS about why each prospect is well-suited for you based on our knowledge of you from previous consultations; and
  • Our recommended plan of action for your contacting the person.

See our A La Carte Pricing or Packaged Deals to take advantage of this service and put us to work for you NOW.

Date Coaching

After you have determined who you are looking for, and after you have seen that your profile is capturing the attention of those you wish to date, you are well on your way to finding the one for you.  However, many of our clients find that some additional coaching can be useful.  Once we have prepared our clients for success, we offer additional coaching by email or over the phone or Skype.  Such coaching is tailored to each client’s individual needs, and may include the following topics, among others:

  • How (or whether) to respond to emails or contacts one has received;
  • How to initiate phone or in-person contact with a prospective interest;
  • The first phone call (when to call, what to say, what not to say);
  • The first date (where to go, what to do, what not to do, who should plan it, who should pay);
  • Interpretation of cues from a phone call or date (is he/she interested, does he/she want to see you again); and
  • How to tactfully and respectfully end communication (whether before or after an in-person meeting).

See our A La Carte Pricing or Packaged Deals to book now.

Please contact us with any questions about any services we offer.  We will make every effort to accommodate special requests and are always happy to work with our clients to ensure you are prepared for dating success!

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  • “Kathy” (60-something), Seattle

    ”Thank you for your photography, not only for taking the pictures but also, for having a heart for getting the best possible… The essay section sounds great! It sounds confident and spirited! You are a great writer! I love your screen name [ideas and suggestions]. Thank you so much for encouraging me in this! You have such wisdom and insight around this whole process and it is such a gift to people who might need a boost in the whole dating thing...Your excitement and confidence in the process are truly contagious."
  • Wendy (43), Sumner

    "Laura has been invaluable to me in the dating process... I have been using her consultation services for over a year now, and am thrilled with the results. Her results speak for themselves... I am finally with an amazing man who treats me like a queen!"
  • Anna (29), Seattle

    "I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent working with me on my profile! It really captures who I am. I love the pictures we took and the advice you gave me about choosing the right photos... I really value your post-date guidance, too, about which ones to keep and which ones to let go. Thank you for helping prepare me for success!"
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