Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I know if this service is right for me?

If you are feeling frustrated with your dating experiences, if you are hopeful (even if that hope is dim) that there is still love out there for you somewhere, whether online or offline, the Meet Your Match Online service is for you. 

The principal keys to finding The One are (a) to be yourself and (b) to be very clear about who you are looking for.  Many clients tell us they initially avoided getting help because they didn’t know where to turn and because they didn’t need any help being themselves.  That said, few of them had identified exactly the qualities they were looking for in a significant other, and didn’t know how to (for lack of a better word) “market” themselves to attract such a person.

Now, with Meet Your Match Online, we can help you demystify the online (or offline) dating world and take the steps you need to find The One.  We will help clear away the clutter and show your prospects exactly who you are and who you’re looking for.

2.   I have been doing online dating for years.  I already know what it is all about.  How can this service help me?

If you’ve been doing online dating for years and have found it to be costly, unsuccessful, and frustrating, we can help you create a targeted approach for sucess. 

With Meet Your Match Online we’ll help you (a) to find and attract exactly the people you are looking for; (b) to tweak your profile so that the real you shows through; (c) to review your profile to see what mistakes you may be making; and (d) to actually do the looking for our especially busy clients who just don’t have the time to pour through thousands of profiles.  What may seem funny or cute to you may come across quite differently to someone who doesn’t know you.  Make sure you’re not sending the wrong message, attracting the wrong people (or no one!), and wasting your money and time. 

A small investment today can lead to huge dividends in your immediate future.

3.   I have already had my friends look at my profile, so why do I need this service?

While it is extremely useful to have friends look over your profile (and we highly recommend that you do so), our consultation services are uniquely targeted to access the psychology behind the dating process. 

We’ll work with and learn about you to determine how your personality type, life experience, and love languages actively and directly impact your dating and love life.  While there are no perfect people, we’ll help to guide you through the process of determining a perfect love for YOU.  We’ll also be available to assist you in putting your best foot forward, and in assessing your progress along the way.  Our services also include Matchmaking services in which we do the grunt work for you of looking through millions of profiles to find matches who might be especially well suited just for you. 

We are here to help you as much as you’d like, and to step back when you’re ready to take off on your own.  You can discuss your situation with confidence, knowing that the advice you receive will be impartial and unbaised, and the information you share will be confidential.

4.   I am already paying a lot for my internet dating subscriptions.  You say this can save me money?  How?

If you’re spending money on online and offline dating services and unsuccessful first dates without using a targeted approach to dating, such as is offered by Meet Your Match Online, you are practically throwing money away.

According to Wikipedia, the U.S. will spend $932 million in online dating services this year alone.  An article from MSN addressing the cost of love indicates that in a survey by the dating service “It’s Just Lunch” 51% of men in the U.S. spend more than $100 a month on dates, and 29% spend more than $150. In bigger cities [like Seattle] those figures are higher. For example, 82% of men in Los Angeles spend more than $150 a month on dates.  (Women spend less than men, but may still be spending around $50 a month, especially in big cities.)

That’s more than $1,500 per year spent on online dating services and dates that go no where.  Even worse than the wasted money is the wasted time and constant frustration and disappointment.

For just 1/3rd the cost of a year of wasted time and money, clients of Meet Your Match Online can get the Gold Package (our most popular package) and be on their way to dating success in a matter of weeks.  All of our packages are available for review and purchase today.  Don’t wait one more moment to get started on your path to finding the love of your life.

Our Gold Package includes:

  • One 60 minute Initial Consultation
  • One 60 minute “Who Is The One For Me?” Consultation
  • One 60 minute “Profile Review” Consultation
  • One Monthly Targeted Search Report
  • Two 30 minute (or one 60 minute) follow up “Ongoing Consultation” sessions.

5.   I get lots of responses to my profile already, but never the right person… What would you have me do differently?

Many online daters make the mistake of trying to attract everyone.  You don’t need to attract the tens of millions of people using online dating services to find The One who is right for you.  In fact, you don’t want to attract tens of millions of people.  Having to sort through so many profiles, emails, and winks can make it nearly impossible to spot your needle in the haystack when he or she comes along.

Meet Your Match Online will take you through a guided process to ensure that your profile is tailored to attract THE RIGHT matches for you, and will help you in the process of sorting out those who should fall into the close-but-no-cigar category.  (Don’t waste your precious time on them!)

6.  Can you guarantee I will meet The One using this service?

We can’t guarantee that The One for you will be online and looking during the exact same time window as you.  However, we CAN guarantee that we will take you through the steps necessary to ensure that when he or she gets onto a major dating service (and it’s only a matter of time until that happens…) you will be able to identify them, and will have a profile ready to attract that exact person.

Our business is built upon word-of-mouth and success in helping our clients reach their goals of finding love.  Our business only grows through the success of our clients.  There are millions of people who need our help, and we want to see as many of them find lasting love as possible.

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  • “Kathy” (60-something), Seattle

    ”Thank you for your photography, not only for taking the pictures but also, for having a heart for getting the best possible… The essay section sounds great! It sounds confident and spirited! You are a great writer! I love your screen name [ideas and suggestions]. Thank you so much for encouraging me in this! You have such wisdom and insight around this whole process and it is such a gift to people who might need a boost in the whole dating thing...Your excitement and confidence in the process are truly contagious."
  • Wendy (43), Sumner

    "Laura has been invaluable to me in the dating process... I have been using her consultation services for over a year now, and am thrilled with the results. Her results speak for themselves... I am finally with an amazing man who treats me like a queen!"
  • Anna (29), Seattle

    "I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent working with me on my profile! It really captures who I am. I love the pictures we took and the advice you gave me about choosing the right photos... I really value your post-date guidance, too, about which ones to keep and which ones to let go. Thank you for helping prepare me for success!"
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